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Lunch Menus

Free/Reduced Price Meal Application

Free/Reduced Meal Application 15-16 (pdf document)
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Lunch Menus

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Pay for school food ONLINE
(for a small fee)

 Log into MyPayments Plus

By: Doug Joersz, Child Nutrition Coordinator

Parents now have access to an online payment system implemented by Bismarck Public Schools' Child Nutrition Program. You can make payments to your child's meal account online using a VISA or MasterCard credit card (debit cards are not allowed at this point in time), OR you can continue to pay by sending money or checks to your child's school.

The online payment system is called MyPaymentsPlus. You can use it to:
  • View your child's meal account balance online (free service).
  • See what your child is purchasing in the cafeteria (free service).
  • Receive e-mail reminders when your child's lunch account balance is low (free service).
  • Make payments to your child's meal account (a 4.29% fee is charged each time you make a payment. Ex: if you deposit $100, you will be charged $104.29 for the online convenience option. The fee goes to MyPaymentPlus, not Bismarck Public Schools).
Signing up is free and easy. You will need your child's district ID number to register. Download these instructions on how to register for any or all of these free or fee services!

My Payments Plus Instructions (pdf document)
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Nutritional Analysis

Elementary Analysis (htm document)
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JUNE Menu 2015

Elementary Analysis (htm document)
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May Menu 2015

Secondary Analysis (htm document)
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JUNE Menu 2015

Secondary Analysis (htm document)
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May Menu 2015

Nutrition Facts for BPS Lunches: a description of menu items

Did You Know…

Friends enjoying breakfast
  • There are NO deep fryers used in BPS kitchens; all products are baked.
  • A fresh fruit and/or vegetable and fresh salads are offered at EVERY lunch. Encourage your kids to choose these items often!
  • All grain products, i.e. breads, buns, dinner rolls, garlic toast, bread sticks, and cereals, are made with whole grain products.
  • The pizza crust contains whole grains and is made with reduced-fat cheese and reduced-fat pepperoni.
  • The mini-corn dogs are made with turkey and have a whole grain crust.
  • The corn dog is actually a ‘lower-fat turkey dog' in a whole grain crust.
  • The sweet and sour and teriyaki chicken is unbreaded and low fat and the tangerine chicken is also low fat.
  • The hot dog is made with beef, served on a whole grain bun, and offered with fruit, carrots, and baked beans which are all good sources of fiber.
  • The cheese and bean burrito is low fat, high fiber, and an excellent source of Vitamin C.
  • A "grilled" chicken patty and "grilled" chicken fajita strips are offered as well as "unbreaded" chicken nuggets.
  • The egg salad and tuna salad are homemade and prepared with light salad dressing.
  • The chili is homemade and contains baked beans and chili beans which are good sources of fiber and iron.
  • A variety of sandwiches are offered including lean turkey or ham, egg salad, and tuna salad and are all served on whole grain bread.
  • Baked beans, an excellent fiber source, are offered twice per month.
  • Reduced-fat salad dressings are offered for vegetable dips and salads.
Each meal meets USDA guidelines for ALL nutrients, including Vitamins A & C, iron, fiber, and calcium, which are important for children's health and reducing the risk for chronic health problems.

*BPS students who eat meals at school will likely consume more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products throughout the day!

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