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Lunch Menus

Free/Reduced Price Meal Application

Free/Reduced Meal Application 15-16 (pdf document)
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Lunch Menus

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My Payments Plus

My Payments Plus Login

Beginning on July 1, 2015 the capabilities of the My Payments Plus program are expanding so that a host of fees can all be paid online. The best part about this is that there is no longer a surcharge. BPS encourages parents to pay in this fashion as it will streamline the process on both ends and will provide parents a better way to track payments. Please click on the link below for instructions on how to setup a My Payments Plus account.

My Payments Plus User Guide

Nutritional Analysis

Elementary Analysis (htm document)
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Elementary Analysis (htm document)
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MAY 2016

Secondary Analysis (htm document)
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Secondary Analysis (htm document)
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MAY 2016

Nutrition Facts for BPS Lunches: a description of menu items

Did You Know…

Friends enjoying breakfast
  • There are NO deep fryers used in BPS kitchens; all products are baked.
  • A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are offered at EVERY lunch on a salad bar. Encourage your kids to choose these items often!
  • All grain products, i.e. breads, buns, dinner rolls, garlic toast, bread sticks, and cereals, are made with whole grain products.
  • The pizza crust contains whole grains and is made with reduced-fat cheese and reduced-fat pepperoni.
  • The corn dog is actually a ‘lower-fat turkey dog' in a whole grain crust.
  • The hot dog is made with beef, served on a whole grain bun, and offered with fruit, vegetables, and baked beans which are all good sources of fiber.
  • "Grilled" chicken fajita strips and a grilled chicken patty are offered as well as "unbreaded" chicken nuggets.
  • A variety of sandwiches are offered including lean turkey or ham, and a soy butter and jelly and are served on whole grain bread.
  • Baked beans, black beans, and green peas, excellent fiber sources, are served often.
  • Reduced-fat salad dressings are offered for vegetable dips and salads.
Each meal meets USDA guidelines for ALL nutrients, including Vitamins A & C, iron, fiber, and calcium, which are important for children's health and reducing the risk for chronic health problems.

*BPS students who eat meals at school will likely consume more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products throughout the day!

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