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CHS Spirit Yearbook

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Century Spirit Yearbook

Why should you order a yearbook this year?

There are many good reasons to invest in a Century Spirit yearbook, but we believe the reasons below are the top ten. As you read through the list imagine, if you are a student, that you are ten or twenty years older than you are right now. If you are a parent, take a look at your own yearbooks and decide if the reasons below are accurate. If you are a parent and never did order a yearbook when you were in high school, look at the list to see what you have missed. Help your child not miss out on the same memories.

-Century Spirit staff

Top 10 reasons to order a Century High School yearbook

10. When you grow old, you can impress others by remembering the names of those you knew in high school.

9. Your kids will enjoy a good laugh when they look at your hairstyle and clothing choices.

8. You can prepare for your ten-year reunion by reviewing what happened the year you graduated.

7. In the future when you meet one of your old high school friends you can look through the yearbook together.

6. You can relive some of the highlights of the year by viewing video clips on the supplementary CD.

5. You will still have a book full of your great high school photos when your computer crashes and you lose all of yours.

4. You are in it!

3. You can finally figure out the name of the hot girl or hot guy you've drooled over all year.

2. It costs about the same as a tank full of gas, but will last the rest of your life, not just a week.

1. It's priceless!

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