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The purpose of this handbook is to provide as complete an overview as possible of the tennis program. Every player should be familiar with the contents of this manual.


Participation in the tennis program is a privilege. Dedication, self-discipline, cooperation, and a solid work ethic is the foundation of a successful team. Each player is expected to demonstrate a positive/exemplary attitude at all times both on and off the court. Working hard in school, in practice, and placing team goals ahead of personal goals are priorities.


You are a representative of the Bismarck community. Be respectful and courteous of all people at all times, and represent your school with the utmost pride and dignity. Being poised and staying in control of your behavior is a must in tennis. Practice it on and off the court.

No Cutting Policy

I strongly believe in a no cut program has been implemented. In past years, seniors were not allowed to play JV Tennis. I believe in rewarding all individuals for participating in the sport of tennis and do not want to punish people or take away playing time based on their position on the team lineup ladder. That being said, seniors will be allowed to play JV tennis. Each person will play at their designated position on the ladder in each match dependent upon the number of players available from the opposing team. Matches will be designated for all players who do not make the top 12 of the varsity/JV roster through a "B" Squad schedule. . The "B" Squad roster consists of all players from 13 and up. Challenge matches to improve a player's position on the ladder will occur at the beginning of the season and periodically throughout the season.


You are expected to be punctual for all practices. Unexecused absences will not be tolerated. Practices will be held at Sertoma each day unless otherwise noted. Please communicate with me if any situation arises that will keep you from attending practice. You can text or call me on my cell phone at 471-5671 or send me an e-mail, which would be the best. Much of the team's success this season depends on each player's willingness to work hard in practice, therefore, 100% attendance is necessary.


Challenge matches are used to determine each player's position on the team at the beginning of the season. #1-6 are considered varsity players, #7-12 are Junior Varsity, and #13 and up are considered B- Squad. All players on the team will get matches. #1-9 are on the team roster for the West Region and State Tournament at the end of the season. During the season, any players on the Junior Varsity and B-Squad will have an opportunity to challenge or be challenged weekly to improve their position on the team. In past years, the players were given the opportunity to challenge upon request. This will no longer happen. The coaches will now determine the challenges each week. No more than 2 challenges will be allowed per week per player and no two players can play each other twice in a week. It's my philosophy as a coach that the more challenge match opportunities a player has on the JV / B-Squad to improve their position on the team, a more competitive player will be the result. After the team ladder has been established, the head coach will determine when a varsity challenge match should occur. At midseason, varsity challenges will occur only if the player who is lower on the ladder has a better singles record than the player above him as result of regular season matches.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Challenge matches are used to determine a framework for the team's lineup. ALL final lineup decisions will be made by the coaching staff which can result in player's playing higher than their position on the ladder based upon the matchup and effort given in practice. The top 6 players who are designated as "varsity" will not necessarily play in every varsity-designated match. The lineup is subject to change based on the aforementioned factors. Understanding of this previous sentence is CRITICAL and I suggest it be read by all players and parents. All line-up decisions will be made in the best interests of the TEAM.

Doubles Combinations

Doubles combinations will be decided by the coaches for season matches and can change throughout the season. Skill level, age, and compatibility are significant factors in determining doubles teams.

West Region Individual Tournament

The top 7 players on the team are eligible to play in the West Region Individual tourney. There are a possibility of 3 singles positions and 2 doubles teams that can play in the tournament.The top 8 singles players and doubles teams advance to the State Individual Tournament.

If you are a senior in the top 7, you will have 1st choice of what event you would like to participate. After seniors have chosen, the remaining events will be chosen by the coaching staff. Input will most definitely be sought by all tournament eligible players, but final individual tournament positions and events will be determined by the coaching staff.

West Region Team Tournament

The ultimate goal for the team at this tournament is to qualify for the state tournament. The team lineup will be determined based on a number of factors including the given matchup and the strengths of our players. Therefore, our team lineup can change with each match that we play. Any players on the roster from #1-9 can be used in the tournament lineup and the final #'s 1-9 will be set the week prior to the WDA Tournament.

The coaches are continually making decisions for the best interest of the team and we will determine whether a player competes in singles or doubles. As long as players are willing to accept the roles that are determined by the coaches, team success is usually the result. Lineups are also discussed with the team prior to each match to ensure each player is comfortable with their role. Support from our player's families is of the utmost importance and, on behalf of all team member's, I ask for and expect that parental thoughts on lineups will remain just that. Let me reiterate that ALL decisions are made not in the best interests of the individual, but rather in the best interests of the TEAM.


A player must compete in a varsity match in order to become a letterwinner. If a player makes the post season tournament roster which includes the players from 1-9, he/she is eligible to be a letterwinner. If a 7th or 8th grader play in a varsity match or make the post season tournament roster, he/she will get a letter of recognition.

Team Goals

1. Enjoy the cameraderie that comes with high school athletics. To meet a new group of people and work as one to achieve what, alone, could not be attained.

2. Qualify for the North Dakota High School Team Scholar Award.
( The team must average a 3.2 GPA for its varsity letterwinners during the season. )

3. Finish in the top four of the West Region Conference.

4. Finish in the top four of the West Region Tournament.

5. Finish in the top five at the State Tournament.

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