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2013 Girls Tennis

Updated 4/27/15:

2015 CHS Girls' Tennis:

The following people must turn in their forms ASAP:

Jhanvi Patel: activity fee
Madison Shae: physical
Mariah Vetter: activity fee
Sarah Walter: activity fee
Scout Wheeler: physical

Wrong sweatshirts: If you were one of the players who received a sweatshirt with the wrong logo and would like it changed, you have to either go to Pure Country or call them and let Roxann know that you'd like a new one with the correct logo.

All players going to Fargo this weekend need to bring $25 by Tuesday to cover hotel costs. Checks payable to Bismarck Public Schools.

Week schedule:

Monday, April 27th:

#1-12 -- 4:00-5:00 @ Sertoma
#13-16 -- Match vs BHS JV at 5:00 @ Sertoma (Dan)
#17-39 -- 4:30-5:30 @ Hillside (Megan)
#40-end -- 5:30-6:30 @ Hillside (Megan)

Tuesday, April 28th:

#1-12 -- departing Century High School at 1:30 for Jamestown. School release is 1:15 PM. Match time is 4:00 PM. We will be stopping at the gas station when we get to Jamestown to load up on drinks and anything else you might need. We will stop for fast food following the match. I anticipate us getting home around 9:30 PM.

#13-30 -- 4:15-5:15 @ Hillside (Megan)
#31-47 -- 5:15-6:15 @ Hillside (Megan)
49-63 -- 6:15-7:15 @ Hillside (Megan)

Wednesday, April 28th:

#1-16 -- 4:30-6:00 @ Sertoma
#17-36 -- 5:45-6:45 @ Sertoma
#41-63 -- 6:30-7:30 @ Sertoma

Thursday, April 29th:

#1-16 -- 4:30-5:45 @ Sertoma

The following players will play a b-squad match against St. Mary's at 5:45 at Sertoma: #17-20, 22, 24-28.

#23-37 -- 4:15-5:15 @ Hillside (Megan)
#41-63 -- 5:15-6:15 @ Hillside (Megan)

Friday, April 30th:

#'s 1-14 traveling to Fargo at 7:15 AM to play Fargo South at 3:00 PM. Davies has cancelled our match at 12:00 PM. We will practice instead. We will be staying at the Expressway Suites and each player needs to bring $25 to Dan by Tuesday of this week (checks payable to Bismarck Public Schools) to cover the room.

#15-36 -- 4:30-5:45 @ Sertoma (Megan)
#41-63 -- 5:45-7:00 @ Sertoma (Megan)

Saturday, May 1st:

Junior Varsity/B-Squad community service #'s 16-24,#29 (Tennis Block Party at Capital Racquet & Fitness Center - be there at 12:30 PM and this will end between 2:30 & 3:00 PM - thanks for your help!)

2 B-Squad matches at 11 AM (vs Williston) and 2 PM (vs Minot). Coach Megan will be supervising.

11 AM vs Williston @ Sertoma (12 players) -- #'s 25-36, 61

2 PM vs Minot @ Sertoma (12 players) -- #'s 41-54 (note that some numbers do not have a player attached so double check your number on the roster)

Sunday -- Day off!

Players who need to miss an assigned practice time for whatever reason (i.e. Church on Wednesdays, Volleyball, etc...) can check with Dan to see if they can come at a different practice on that same day. I want to make sure kids get all the opportunity possible to practice each so if I can accommodate extra players at a given practice I most certainly will.

2015 CHS Boy's Tennis:

The website has been updated from the 2014 season and includes the 2015 schedule and roster.


Any 7th-12th grade student at Century High school or attending a feeder school for CHS is eligible to be a member of the Century tennis program

Please refer to the handbook section of the website for more specifics related to the CHS Tennis program.

Inclement weather: In the event of rain, practices will be held indoors at Capital Racquet & Fitness Center. All players MUST bring $1 to cover court costs. Indoor practice time will be posted on team website.

Daily Practices will be at Sertoma Tennis Courts (M-F)

For further information, you can text or call Dan Keith at 471-5671 or via email at

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