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1) "Get ahead - Stay ahead - Use your head". Pitching is more fun and much easier if you work ahead in the count.

2) The best pitch in baseball is the strike. Have good control. Throw strikes.

3) Be confident in your defense. "Stay Positive"

4) Communicate with your catcher.

5) Change speeds. Especially in the middle of the order.

6) Move the ball around in the zone. Work high & low, in & out. Use the corners of the plate.

7) There is no excuse for 0-2 base hits. The 0-2 pitch is a great set-up pitch, not a waste pitch. Throw the breaker close enough to swing at, but not close enough to hit. Breakers away, heat in. Good time for the high fastball.

8) No walks.

9) Face each hitter like it is your last.

10) No easing up. Bear down on every pitch. Be aggressive.

11) Never let the weak hitters on base.

12) Concentrate. Concentrate some more.

13) Practice daily to develop command of the three basic pitches: fastball, change-up, and breaking pitch.

14) When you are ahead in the count spot you pitches.

15) Don't be afraid to challenge the hitter with good stuff. Remember: "The best pitch in baseball is the strike."

16) Have a purpose for every pitch. (For example, " I just threw an outside curve; now I'll challenge him with heat in."

17) The last thought you have before making a pitch must be a positive one. See yourself throwing exactly what you want to throw in the location you want and then experience the results you want. Positive thoughts = Positive results.

18) Hold base runners. Keep runners on first base.

19) The pitcher is the fifth infielder.

20) Field your position. Know your bunt coverage.

21) Back up home and third.

22) Be ready to cover first on ground balls to the right side.

23) Pre-game warm up is very important. Loosen up by stretching and running before throwing. Work the wind-up, stretch, and all your pitches. Must work up a sweat.

24) Communicate with the umpire positively. Make him your friend. You will get more calls.

25) Successful Pitchers:
  • Are poised and mentally tough
  • Are in control - pitches and self
  • Are good fielders
  • Hold runners
  • Have healthy mechanics

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