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Welcome to Chemistry!

I have high expectations for every student in this class, and I am determined to see each of you succeed.

Chemistry is a central science, but this course will primarily be physical in nature-meaning there will be a fairly large amount of math and problem solving. I will teach this class as preparation for college or AP courses. Chemistry is challenging for many students, especially those with difficulty problem solving or visualizing on an atomic scale. Chemistry builds on prior knowledge, meaning that the material learned early in the year will be essential for material later in the year. You cannot fall behind in the class!

Expect to be an active participant; solving problems and learning new concepts daily. There will be homework.

Rules and Expectations:
1. Safety is the number one rule. Burning, cutting, splashing or any other horseplay in the lab will result in immediate dismissal from class and a zero for the day's assignments.

2. Respect and listen to the teacher and others when they are speaking. Do not cause a problem. Inappropriate language or actions are not respectful and are not allowed.

3. Be responsible and prepared for class and ready for learning when the bell rings, including assignments, equipment/materials, and your brain!

Cell phones and Electronic Devices:
Cell phones or other electronic devices may only be used with teacher permission.

According to the student handbook:
1. Cell phone confiscated by teacher and given to the office. Students get it at the end of the day.
2. Cell phone confiscated by teacher and given to the office. Parents need to collect the phone.
3. Cell phone confiscated by teacher and given to the office. Parents need to collect the phone. Students turn in the phone to office at the beginning of each day for 5 school days.

Absences and Tardiness:
1. A student not in the classroom when the bell rings will be counted as tardy unless he or she has a permission slip.
2. If you are absent, you are responsible for making up the class work, assignments, etc. You will have one extra day to turn in the work you missed.
3. If you are absent for a lab, you must complete the data and problems for the lab AND complete a teacher-assigned lab makeup.

Cheating is using someone else's work and claiming it is your own.
No copying!
No talking during quizzes or tests!
No looking at other's work during quizzes or tests!
Absolutely no cell phones or electronic devices during quizzes or tests!
Both parties involved in cheating will receive zeroes on that item-it is impossible to determine if one is assisting in the cheating.

Late Assignments:
Turn in assignments when they are due. Late assignments must be completed. Late assignments will get no higher grade than a 80%. After one week once the grade is entered, assignments will get no higher than a 50%. After two weeks, assignments will get a 0% unless arrangements are made with me. Other consequences may apply.

Grade Scale:
Your grade will be the percentage of points earned divided by overall points. There will be many assignments in the grade book. It is often difficult to raise a grade once it falls behind (and easy to lose an "A" with a few poor grades) so keep it up and study!
92% and up A
91% to 83% B
82% to 74% C
73% to 65% D
64% or less F

1. Calculator with scientific notation (mandatory)
2. Closed toed shoes for lab (mandatory)
3. Personal safety goggles (optional)
4. Organizer (optional)

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