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Outside reading

Book project/permission form

Each semester you will be required to choose a book that you read outside of class time. On occasion, there will be time to read in class on Fridays.

Choose ONE of the following ideas to help explain your book to the class. The purpose is not to present a book report, but the intention is to explain themes or ideas in your book without giving the entire plot away. If you do a good job on the presentation, you may convince others to read the book you choose. With all of the choices, you will be required to explain your project.

Make a collage of important events
Make a diorama of a favorite scene
Illustrate a favorite character or scene
Create an aerial map of the setting
Create a game based on events in the story
Perform scenes from the novel on video
Design a t-shirt promoting your novel
Create the front page of a newspaper - writing articles about the characters, places, and events in your novel
Use your imagination to create a project not on the list (must be approved)

In addition to the project, please select THREE of the following questions and respond to them. Please type out your responses.

1. What part of the story would you change? How would that change affect the story?
2. What surprised you in the story? How did this add or take away from the novel?
3. Are you like any of the characters in the book? Explain.
4. How would you compare this book to others written by the same author?
5. If you were going to recommend this book to a friend, what would you say about it?

Book project is worth 50 points. The project presentation of the novel is worth 35 points and the responses to the questions are worth 15 points (must be typed).

Projects will be graded on effort, creativity/originality, ideas (explanation of novel), and presentation.

*Book parent permission form is required before you begin reading your outside reading book. This form will be handed out in class.

Book project permission form (doc document)
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