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Art II Syllabus

Art II is a course that teaches artists/students advance techniques. Students will explore a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media throughout the year to build artistic confidence and creativity. Compositional solutions are also covered. This course will lay the basic groundwork for further study in other art classes, or to help in your own artistic endeavors. Students will research the history of artists and art movements through the use of prints, the internet, books, video, slides, and art criticism.

Areas of study may include, but are not limited to:

Pencil printmaking pen & ink colored pencil digital art
Charcoal clay/ceramics sculpture acrylic oil pastel

o Gain confidence and competency in using/exploring creative solutions and ideas

o Gain confidence and competency in using/exploring a variety of art media

o Give students an appreciation and understanding of art and art history, both in today's culture and that of years' past

Each student is graded on an individual basis. No cross-class comparisons will be made. I grade on my expectations of you and your growth as an individual.

Your total grade will be broken down in the following way:

50% Projects
50% Work Grades (Daily Points)

1st Quarter 45% of final grade
2nd Quarter 45% of final grade
Final Test being 10% of the final grade = 100% for a semester

Note: In an average five-day week, 100 work grade points are possible (20 points each day). If you exhibit inappropriate behavior, waste class time, misuse supplies, etc., you are subject to lose points. YOUR WORK GRADE IS A SIGNIFICANT PART OF YOUR GRADE-DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY!!!

1 day late - 5 points
2 days late - 10 points
3 days late - 15 points
4 days late - 20 points
5 days late - 25 points
6 days late - 0 points
** These points will be subtracted from what the student earns on their project. Example: If a student's work is that of a grade: 85/100, and it is 2 days late, minus 10 points, resulting in a new grade of 75/100 for the assignment.

Your projects will be graded with the following criteria in mind:
Effort- this means always striving for your personal best
Craftsmanship/Perseverance- you have taken your time and done a careful job
Creativity/Originality- you have developed your own idea and not copied someone else's
Following instructions- you have met the criteria outlined for each assignment
Elements of Art and Principles of Design- you have incorporated the necessary elements and principles in your assignment

Grade Scale
A - 100-92
B - 91-83
C - 82-74
D - 73-65
F - 64-00

Approximate cost of supplies and materials is $65.00.

If you can follow these simple rules, you'll be fine:

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